What is Baby Signs

The baby signs program gives a child a voice in hands and it bridges the period where children understand language but are not able to speak yet. It is a succes formula that stimulates language development, makes language visible, makes it easier to understand one another and get insight into the needs, wants and experiences of a child

Children want to share their environment, experiences, wants and needs with you. Through Baby Signs, you give your child a voice by teaching them signs so they can share this with you instead of you playing the guessing game when they start pointing or trying to tell you what they want. With the Baby Signs program you support what you are saying with signs. In the Netherlands we use signs from Dutch sign language (or the sign language of where you are from). Children are cognitively ready to communicate from 6 months old which is far earlier than they can speak, which is at around 18 months old. You can bridge this period by teaching your child signs and communicate with your child before they can speak! From six months onward, children start to give meaning to the words they hear and already understand you. A child hears and recognises an airplane in the sky or a duck in a pond and wants to share this with you! Your child also understands what is about to happen when you ask if they want to go eat or to sleep. From roughly 8 months your child is already able to sign to you and can initiate a conversation, and you can gain insight into your child's world and understand what they need and want.