Baby Sign courses for Parents

The Baby Signs-course for Parents takes an in-depth look into the Baby Signs program and will equip parents, educators, and caregivers with valuable skills to increase communication and language development with children.

Participants will learn functional signs, effective strategies to incorporate sign language into their daily routines and creative activities to increase language development. Duration: 2 hours.

The Baby Signs-course for Parents exists of three sessions. After having learned the basis of Baby Signs, there are two follow-up sessions (1,5 hour each) where parents ask further questions, share their experiences and learn more signs.

You are welcome to bring your baby, though preferably only if he or she isn't too mobile yet... The presence of your baby is not required to take the course.

Please note: most of our courses are given in Dutch. If you would be interested in a course in English, please contact us or check link below.